Cuscuta Extract (seed)

Cuscuta extract is derived from the Cuscuta, or Dodder plant, which is a parasitic vine that gathers nourishment from other plants by wrapping around them. The Dodder genus has birthed 170 different, and parasitic, plants that range in color from red to yellow to orange.

        The Cuscuta plant, Latin name Cuscuta Chinensis Lam, is a common herb in China and has been used for centuries. Informally known as Tu-Si-Zi and Chinese Dodder Seeds, this herb has proven to be more than just a nutrition-sucker. Full of flavonoids, alkaloids, anthraquinone, tannic and coumaric acid, carotenes, and antioxidant properties that support sperm motility and count, the reproductive system, nocturnal emission, sexual drive, and premature ejaculation, this parasitic vine’s seeds have wrapped humans around their little fingers.

        Native to many tropical regions, Cuscuta is highly regarded in China, due to its sexual health benefits and lack of a root. Though the seeds of the Cuscuta plant are highly beneficial on their own, their advantages are boosted greatly when combined with other male enhancement substances like Muira Puama, mucuna pruriens, i.e. velvet beans, and catuaba.

        Without further discourse on Cuscuta’s origin story, here are some ways the Cuscuta plant has proven itself a reformed parasite.

Increased Fertility

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Cuscuta extract contains a variety of compounds to protect sperm health including beta-sitosterol, 9(R)-hydroxy-d-sesamin, daucosterol, d-sesamin, and d-pinoresinol. These compounds protect the cell’s mitochondrion functioning and membrane. In addition to preserving the sperm cell’s acosomic structure, Cuscuta extract also blocks potential damage from free radicals.

In 2006, the “Chinese Archives of Traditional Chinese Medicine” reported the detrimental effects of reactive oxygen species, ROS, on human sperm. This study focused on Cuscuta Japonica’s effectiveness in preserving the integrity of human sperm cells. It was concluded, from the use of properly functioning sperm cells mixed with ROS, that Cuscuta Japonica maintained the sperm cell’s membrane, structure, and function.

Due to Cuscuta extract’s ability to increase testosterone, it may increase the size of the testicles, sperm count, and vitality. Low testosterone causes many symptoms of sexual dysfunction including decreased energy, overall mood, and libido.

Some physicians believe in Cuscuta extract’s ability to increase sperm count which such vigor, they would recommend it for use in artificial insemination. Due to Cuscuta extract’s potent mixture of ingredients that result in increased testosterone, it is advised that pregnant or breastfeeding women not take Cuscuta extract, as this may change the course of the baby’s development.

Increased Erectile Functioning

Cuscuta extract supports penile erection through increases in nitric oxide, which is essential to erections. Nitric oxide results in relaxation of the smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum, a tunnel-like collection of spongy tissue that forms the bulk of the penis. As the smooth muscles relax, blood flow is able to fill the entire corpus cavernosum which expands immensely more than most men experience, because, often, blood flow to the penis is restricted. When the corpus cavernosum, and its two internal subsections, is filled completely, larger size, diameter, and erection strength results. In addition, Cuscuta extract increases intra-cavernosal pressure (ICP) within the penis, which supports a larger and harder erection. Increased satisfaction, mood, relaxation, intimacy, and confidence are almost inevitable with these results.

Reduced Sperm Leakage

man measuring his member improved by ProgentraCuscuta extract may provide support for sperm leakage. Though not detrimental to sexual health, sperm leakage can be an embarrassing issue. Often caused by sexual exhaustion, sperm leakage is caused by over ejaculation. With this condition, sperm is emitted from the urethra without an erection, and can lead to erectile dysfunction due to parasympathetic nerve weakening. As sperm leakage is often caused by excessive masturbation, it is advised to use moderation. A few signs of a preoccupation with masturbation include self-injury, a constant need to masturbate, difficulty becoming erect when engaging in sexual relations (as the penis may have lost sensitivity), and preferring masturbation over sex with another person, to name a few.


It is recommended that Cuscuta extract is taken with food as this will increase the chance of it reaching the bloodstream and producing outcomes faster.

When seeds are purchased, they can be ground into a fine powder or consumed with food.

Before adding a new supplement to your diet, speak to your doctor. While many natural herbal supplements produce little side effects, they may interact in different ways to current medication or existing medical conditions. Your doctor can assist you with proper dosages and frequencies that will provide the most benefit.

Cuscuta Extract (seed)

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