Cosmetic Surgery Popularity-Why Are More Men Opting for These Procedures?

Society has always valued aesthetics highly, especially in regards to being young and fit. Traditionally we didn’t have too many options available to do so, outside of eating well and exercising regularly. Making these lifestyle changes and having good genes were the best way to maintain our youth and beauty.

Unfortunately even if we make all the right food choices and take care of ourselves to the best of our ability, inevitably we are going to age. Our we gain weight more easily than we did in our youth, and of course our skin is more prone to bagging and wrinkling.

With that being said things today are now drastically different, as we are able to cosmetically repair some of these unwanted issues through surgery. These types of surgeries were immediately a hit among women, and now many men are jumping on that train as well.

Technology plays a huge role in this, but a shift in workplace values is another huge potential cause for the increased demand for surgery. Most people don’t stay in the same job or even the same field for their entire working career like we have in the past.

Getting A Competitive Edge

Looking more youthful is going to give you a competitive edge as far as getting a job is concerned as well, as being motivated and having high energy is valued greatly in many industries. Traditionally men worked doing some form of manual labor, which is completely different when compared to today’s landscape.

Sometimes looks are even the focus of the job, which is true in the case of being in media, a model, or sales. Looking younger makes you feel better and more confident also-which is extremely important in these industries also.

Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

As many of us know, obesity is a major health epidemic which is plaguing numerous countries. Due to how unsightly this looks and the health problems that come along with excess fat, more and more people are getting liposuction.

While getting rid of all of that fat is going to be great for the patient’s health, they still aren’t going to look the way they want to. This is because of the way that our skin stretches when we get fatter, which in turn causes loose skin.

This is why many men are not only opting for liposuction procedures, but plastic surgery to go along with it to repair their skin. This will help to restore their confidence, and improve their health at the same time.

Enhanced Sex Life

Keeping our partner attracted to us is something that becomes more difficult over time as we age. Our hormones shift and thus our body changes-mostly in ways we wish it wouldn’t. As men age their testosterone levels drop, which not only reduces their ability to gain muscle, but reduces their libido and performance also.

Lower testosterone leads to more fat gain as well, which can cause even more hormonal issues. The more fat we accumulate, the more of the hormone cortisol we produce. This hormone is a stress hormone which obviously causes us to become more stressed, and to gain more weight in the process.

Getting rid of excess fat through surgery is an option many men turn to when it comes to getting rid of fat especially in the problem areas. Fat around the hips and the waist is some of the hardest weight for anyone to lose, and is the area where men have the most trouble generally speaking.

Downsides to Cosmetic Surgery?

While cosmetic surgery techniques can be effective it removing fat and making us look younger, there are some downsides. First we have to remember that these are still surgeries, and there are always risks involved. This is even more so the case in procedures like liposuction, which are much more complicated and involved when compared to a simple botox injection.

Another huge  downside here is the cost, as cosmetic surgeries aren’t typically covered by insurance plans. This can make even a single procedure potentially cost thousands of dollars, eliminating the option for many people out there.

You have to make sure you are getting the right doctor also, not doing so could literally cost you your life. Many people take surgery lightly considering how routine it is today, however that doesn’t mean that all the risk involved is gone.

So what are the alternatives? Eating healthy and exercising of course are important, but sometimes aren’t enough. There has been significant progress made in the supplement industry as well, as they are able to formulate more precisely to a person’s nutritional needs. Weight loss supplements can be a great alternative to weight loss surgery, as they tend to be safer options and less expensive than some procedures out there.

Cosmetic Surgery Popularity-Why Are More Men Opting for These Procedures?

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