Safe sex is important, and the easiest method to prevent sexual disease and unwanted pregnancies.  Condom use rank as the most commonly-used safe sex method worldwide. Over half of the world’s sexually-active population had experienced sex with a condom at least once. In the United States alone, 500 million units of condoms are sold annually, at a rate of $0.45 per piece.

Condoms have dominated the safe sex market, and it has definitely changed the way humans have sex. Since condoms were introduced, the transmission of STIs or Sexually Transmitted Infections, have reduced by as much as 80% worldwide.


Condom use is arguably the most reliable, accessible, and convenient safe sex method, and yet not everyone is comfortable when using condoms. Around 80% of men admitted to making an excuse not to use a condom, and a whopping 90% of men think that condom use ruins sex for them. Unlike the majority of women – a great margin of 77%, say they do not mind, OR they actually like the feeling of having a condom.

To make condoms more appealing for men, manufacturing companies like Trojan and Durex, have come up with several condom product lines which aim to improve the sexual pleasure for both men and women. Ribbed, dotted, and textured condoms have been marketed to aid sexual pleasure for women, while thinner condoms are marketed to promote sexual pleasure for men. Despite having a variety of choices, men are still reluctant to wear a condom during sex – and we have narrowed the reason why.


When statistics say that 9 out of 10 men think that condoms ruin sex, then it must be true. There is a significant drop in sexual pleasure for men the moment they put a condom on, and the obvious reason for it is the thin barrier of material that stimulates the nerves that signal sexual pleasure. The drop in sexual pleasure might be traced to something more sinister – a man’s body image.

Statistics suggest that most men apparently think that their penis is larger than it actually is. This overestimation in size apparently translates to something that would affect their sexual pleasure as far as condoms go.

A huge percentage of men – 73%, apparently purchase the wrong size of condoms. 65% of these men purchase sizes that are much bigger than what they need, and they do it because of two things:

  • Over-estimation of own size
  • Concerns of being mocked for purchasing a ‘smaller’ size.

It’s not a surprise that condom companies’ best-selling condoms are those that have the XL tag, which are fit for men with long, thick penises. However, our own data suggests that only 10% or lower of the male population are fit to wear XL-sized condoms. The result? A huge letdown.

The reason why most men experience a significant loss of sexual pleasure when using oversized condoms is due to the fitting of oversized condoms. Loose condoms tend to move around instead of having a firm grip, which translates to sexual pleasure for men. Condoms that have a snug fit on your penis tend to be more pleasurable as the sensation does not get muted too much by the material. Wearing condoms that are too small may have an uncomfortable grip on your penis and the material may break during sexual intercourse. Finding the right fit is key to achieving the balance between safe sex and sexual pleasure.


Finding the right-sized condoms isn’t as easy as it sounds. More often than not, you’d end up experimenting between brands just to find the right fit for you. Most condom manufacturers advertise that regular condoms fit most sizes, but this isn’t accurate, as they have a margin of between 4-7 inches.  Narrowing your size down to the margin of an inch will not only give you better sexual pleasure, but the peace of mind knowing that you have the perfect condom size for your penis.

STEP 1: Measuring yourself

When it comes to condoms, your girth measurement is more significant to your choice than your length. Large, “magnum”, and XL sized condoms tend to accommodate thicker measurements, which is why these sizes tend to move around so much if an average guy uses it.

To find your girth, measure the circumference of your erect penis. You can do this by using a tape measure and running it around the ‘stem’ of your penis to measure the thickness of your penis when erect.

NOTE: for men in the United States, the choices for condoms would be limited. Due to FDA regulations, condom sizes must be between 47mm and 57mm at the entrance, which would mean that men with less than 4 inches in girth are likely to have a ‘loose’ fitting.

STEP 2: Finding the right material

The most common condom material is Latex. However, for others who have latex allergies, other materials are available, such as polyurethane and tactylon. As far as sensation and pleasure is concerned, Tactylon condoms are the thinnest, while polyurethane condoms are the thickest; however, polyurethane condoms heat up to conform with your body temperature, so wearing polyurethane condoms make the impression that you are wearing nothing at all. Both polyurethane and tactylon condoms cost more than the average latex condom, but they significantly offer more sexual sensation.

STEP 3: Finding the right brand

There is no standard condom size that condom manufacturers use. It is always smarter to start with the smallest fitting. In the United States, ‘snug fit’ condoms are usually the smallest in size, and surprisingly, it fits 60% of the male population. Your best bet is to start small, unless you measure more than 6.5 inches in length, or 4.5 inches in girth.

The bottom line is – never buy a ‘larger’-sized condom unless you have had experience fitting a smaller size.

Small-sized condoms aren’t sexy at all, and when it comes to sex, it’s all about confidence. Pick a brand that does not have the size printed on the packaging, and never, should you ever buy brands because it has XL printed on.


XL-sized condoms fit men with 5.5 inches in girth and over 9 inches in size. If you have an average-sized penis, using these would look like you’re wearing shoes that are 4 sizes bigger than your actual size – it would not look, or feel right. Extra-large is EXTRA LARGE.

However, there is some room for awe for those mean who wear properly-fitting XL condoms. The moment a woman sees an XL condom, she would expect nothing less than an XL-sized penis, and her anticipation would reach fever pitch when she sees that the condom size matches the penis.

Nothing beats the look on a woman’s face when they see a big penis for the first time; the combination of lust, shock, and wonder on a woman’s face beats all known aphrodisiacs known to men. And with the help of Progentra, you would get to experience how it is to be craved and lusted for by women.


Wearing a snug-fit condom is one thing, being actually big enough to wear EXTRA LARGE is another – and Progentra can help you get there. Progentra is the first male enhancement supplement to bring REAL, MEASURABLE penis enlargement results. With just one serving of Progentra a day, you can have a massive penis growth in just a few months! Start today and order your first bottle of Progentra RISK-FREE!


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  • Rand

    When you said XL-sized condoms fit men with 5.5 inches in girth and over 9 inches in size, were you referring to the King Size or the Super King Size?

    • James Peters

      Hey Rand! We were referring to the Super King Size condom size. The Super King size fits men with the penis size you described. Hope this helps!

      Progentra, which is the leading male enhancement product in the world right now that we sell, would allow you to fill out condoms that are Super King size in 8-10 weeks.

  • Rand

    Hey James! Thanks for your response! Could I please ask you one more question? When you say we should measure the girth of our penis by measuring the ‘stem’ of it, are you referring to the base (the part that connects the penis to the abdomen) or the thickest part, which is usually the middle of the shaft? I am asking because I have read from multiple other sources that the girth measurement should be based off of the thickest part, which is usually the middle of the shaft. Thanks!

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