The Condom: The Easy to Use Sexual Contraceptive. Are You Using Them Correctly?

When it comes to contraceptives, condoms are one of the most widely used and popular ones out on the market. It is one that most of us are familiar with, one that we have used plenty of times in the past. For these reasons many of us think we are condom experts-but how much do we really know about condom use?

Apparently not so much considering the amount of STD cases that occur each year. Approximately 20 million new cases are occurring on average, many of which could have been prevented. It simply comes down to proper knowledge about contraceptives, this including the condom.

How Effective Is the Condom Against STDs?

The condom is the most effective form of protection against a whole variety of STDs. This includes things such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV to name a few. This is of course true only if you know how to properly use a condom, which many people fail to do.

One of the most common mistakes made here is by men who try to make themselves look more impressive to their partners. If you are going out and buying an extra large pack of condoms when you know that you are only packing a few inches, things aren’t going to go well. Chances are that it will slip off during sex, which can not only make STDs more transmittable, but can get your partner pregnant as well.

Another common and very avoidable situation is using old condoms. Condoms and other products have expiration dates for a reason; after this point in time the materials that make up the condom begin to deteriorate.

You are taking a huge risk by using an expired condom, and for what reason? They are some of the cheapest, most accessible contraceptives out there, so there is no reason why you should be using old expired ones.

Do You Know How to Put On a Condom Correctly?

This may seem like a silly question to ask given how common these devices are used, however statistics tell us otherwise. Condom use may seem straight forward to many of us, however with that being said there are still plenty of people who go about doing so in the wrong manner.

The first step here is to handle you condom with care, something that many men neglect to do. No one wants to carefully tear open a condom when they are at a full salute, as they are going to be impatient and ready to go.

This is one common and easy way to rip a hole or tear your condoms, compromising their integrity in the process. When you are opening your condoms do so with enough care so that you aren’t destroying it in doing so.

Another common mistake here is that guys put condoms on the wrong way. Trying to unroll a condom on to your penis the wrong way is something that even the most experienced men have issue with from time to time.

You just have to remember that if you do so, to just accept your loss and throw the condom in the trash. Don’t flip it back outside-in and throw it back on as its integrity is already compromised-and this could lead to a rip or tear. Try unrolling it slightly with your fingertips to avoid this problem in the future.

Thicker Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Another problem many men face when trying to find the best condom is thinking that the thicker the better. This revolves around the thought that the thicker the condom, the more protection you get-which makes sense at first glance.

The thing is that research has proven otherwise, in that thinner condoms don’t necessarily mean less protection. The fit of the condom has a much bigger impact on how effective it is as opposed to thickness, as fit plays a larger role in reducing slippage and breakage.

When shopping for a condom try to keep in mind that like with virtually every other product out there, they have to meet a certain specification. This means that even the thinnest condoms will be able to do an adequate job, and that you should focus more so on a better fit. This will not only help to protect you further, but will provide a better feel also.

The Condom: The Easy to Use Sexual Contraceptive. Are You Using Them Correctly?

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