Commonly Asked Questions About Penis Size: How Do You Measure Up?

Asking the question as to whether or not our penis is big enough is something that regularly crosses the mind of every man out there, no matter how big or small they truly are. Not only is the size of the penis something to consider in satisfaction, but its shape, how bumpy it is, how hard it is, among other factors.

There are rumors circulating that the average penis size is somewhere in the range of 5 inches to 6.5 inches when erect, however the discrepancies here can be enormous here depending on who is doing the measuring. More often than not a man who is measuring himself is going to be much more generous, where if it is done by a professional, the penis length ends up being much shorter.

Penis size is understandably a huge concern for men, and they are naturally curious to how they stand up against their peers. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions asked about penis size, and how they can affect your sex life.

1. What is the Average Penis Size?

This is by far and away the most popular question among men as far as penis size is concerned. This is also an extremely difficult question to answer as there is still debate over what method is the best used to measure penis size. Clinical studies that cover this topic also have varying data showing that the average erect penis can range in between 5.0 inches and 6.2 inches, where the average girth is around 5 inches in circumference.

This tells us that while a man’s girth doesn’t vary too much from person to person, his length certainly does. If you are unsatisfied with your penis size, luckily there are options out there for you. The most effective and safe way to grow your penis size is through natural male enhancement supplements like Progentra, which provide the best possible results without negatively impacting your health.

2. Does Having Big Feet Mean a Big Penis?

The idea that bigger feet or bigger hands than average translates to a bigger penis is just another myth that many of us have fallen victim to. It’s no surprise here either, as generally being bigger in size in one area means you will in another, as most of our body grows proportionally.

Unfortunately this doesn’t include organs like the penis, as its size is completely independent from an individual’s height, hand size, feet or any other measurables. The only way to tell if someone has a big penis for certain is first-hand knowledge, so don’t worry if you’re shorter than average height or a smaller guy as it has no impact on your penis size.

3. Does Penis Size Differ Based on Race?

There certainly is a stereotype that darker skinned men tend to have larger penises on average than those with lighter skin, however this is far from being from being a fact based in truth. There currently is no hard scientific data that points to one race having bigger penises than another, but that certainly doesn’t change the perception out there.

4. Do Women Prefer a Bigger Penis?

Most publications will tell you that the majority of women don’t look at a man’s penis size as their #1 priority when it comes to sex, which is true to a degree. There are other qualities that someone is going to value in their partner over penis size when given the option, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that a bigger penis isn’t desirable. If someone had to choose between two partners who were both the full package but one had a bigger penis than the other, the choice would be pretty clear here.
Penis size absolutely matters when it comes to being fully satisfied during sex, and is a major reason why so many men look to enlarge their penis size.

5. What Can I Do to Make My Penis Bigger?

The sex industry is one of the largest ones out there, which means that there are countless male enhancement products out there which claim to make your penis bigger. These include prescription drugs, penis pumps, penis extenders, natural supplements, and even surgery.
Penis pumps, creams and other similar products can be effective in providing a man with a bigger penis on a temporary basis, which has its benefits but isn’t preferable if you want a permanent penis enlargement solution here. These products can also be potentially dangerous when used for extended periods of time, to where it is even possible to irreparably damage your penis.

Alternatively there are prescription male enhancers and natural supplements, the former being around for almost two decades now. While these prescription male enhancers were once the best option out there for penis enlargement, they have become antiquated as there are more advanced products available now.

Natural male enhancement pills are the best options for penis enlargement because they contain similar, naturally occurring compounds found in many prescription drugs. This provides the user with the same if not better results than prescription drugs in most cases, and without the laundry list of side effects that come along with taking many prescriptions.

Commonly Asked Questions About Penis Size: How Do You Measure Up?

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