What Causes a Lower Sex Drive? The Potential Problems You’re Missing

Low sex drive is a very common problem many people face, however it is still one that doesn’t make sense to most people. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, something that stems from the basis of our existence. We are biologically driven to have sex, so why would we ever lose interest.

The answer to this question is going to differ from person to person, as the reasoning behind why this is can be rooted in multiple causes. Here are some of the most common reasons why people lose their libido at some point or another.

Low Levels of Testosterone

This essential sexual hormone is most often associated with men, however it is important to know and realize that it is important for both men and women when it comes to our sex drive. Low testosterone levels are a problem when it comes to a woman’s sex drive as well, which is something many people over look.

With this being said, the obvious solution to this problem would be to raise our testosterone levels, but how? There are plenty of ways to go about this, but before you resort to expensive and potentially dangerous hormone therapies, you should look to alternatives first.

The first thing we need to know about testosterone if we are low is how the body goes about making it. The body creates testosterone in the same general manner that it does other steroid hormones, through the use of cholesterol. The body makes some cholesterol on its own, however we need to supplement this with what we get from our diets.

This is one reason why foods like eggs, chicken and other meat based proteins are a staple in many bodybuilder’s diets-as testosterone is essential to muscle growth and repair as well. It is important to remember that dietary cholesterol doesn’t necessarily translate in to blood cholesterol, so getting some cholesterol through diet is not only not a bad thing, but can help you maintain a higher sex drive as well.

High Levels of Stress, Depression and Other Emotional Issues

We all know that our emotions play a huge role in how we act, affecting virtually every aspect of our decision making process. Not only do our emotions affect our thought process though, as stress can affect our physical well being also.

Chronic stress has been attributed to everything from heart attacks, strokes, and even the development of some cancers. It has such an extreme effect on our health as a whole, so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to learn that too much stress can lower our sex drive as well.

This again has to do with hormonal balance in the body, especially in that of the stress hormone itself, cortisol. When we become stressed the body produces this hormone, and too much of it causes negative health consequences such as obesity, anxiety, depression and many other problems.

To reduce your levels of stress, there are plenty of things that you can do. With that being said some methods are going to be very effective for some people, while being useless for others. Make sure to take some time in figuring out what works for you, and use this to your advantage.

It may seem silly, but even something as simple as going out for a few hours of fishing, a canoe ride, or even a short hike can do wonders for your psyche, and really help to reduce your stress levels. Just being in the presence of nature has shown to reduce stress, so doing so isn’t difficult at all.

Can Medications Affect Sex Drive?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is yes, and many of us suffer from a reduced sex drive because of other medications we are taking. If you believe this to be the case, the best thing you can do is to talk to your doctor. It may seem embarrassing but if the answer to your problem is as simple as a switch of medications, then it is well worth it.

Women especially should be aware of this, as birth control is a huge contributor to a lowered sex drive, and there are many different forms out there. Birth control pills in particular work by altering the hormones within the user, which is a major cause to a reduced sex drive.

What Causes a Lower Sex Drive? The Potential Problems You’re Missing

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