What Causes Dry Skin on Your Penis? Is It Something to Be Concerned About?

Having dry skin anywhere can be annoying, however one of the worst places to get it is on your penis. It can cause a lot of pain even if it is just a small dry patch, because of how thin the skin is in this area. On top of that the area itself is sensitive, and it isn’t too difficult to accidentally rub your penis against your legs causing immense pain.

Having dry skin on your penis may not seem like a big deal, but men who experience serious cases of dry skin that results in peeling, cracking and dryness will argue otherwise. This is a worse pain because it is in such a sensitive area, similar to burning your finger versus burning a more fleshy area, less protection means more pain!

How Does the Penis Become so Dry? What Causes It?

Just like dry skin in general can be caused by a number of things, the same can be said for dry skin on your manhood. Here are some of the most common reasons why men suffer from dry skin on their penis, and what they can do to help prevent it in the future:

Allergic Reactions

One of the most common reasons why men experience dry skin on their penis is because of an allergic reaction. Usually it comes as the result of using a new type of condom, new type of lubricant, or something new that your partner is using. Other things to consider are new body soaps, body sprays, colognes, deodorants and antiperspirants. Sometimes even something as simple as a new detergent can cause the problem also.

The most difficult aspect of this problem is identifying the culprit, but one you have the problem is solved. Just get rid of whatever it was that caused the allergic reaction and you’re good to go. This is one of the more simple issues to solve.

Too Much Use

Another problem that causes dry skin is over use which is due to too much friction on the skin. This results in painful, dry, cracked skin. Too much sex or masturbation are clear causes one would look to when it comes to friction, however the reason may be something less obvious.

Something as simple as the types of underwear you are using can be the cause of your dry skin. This rubbing happens all throughout the day, which is not only damaging to the skin, but can be very painful as well. It can even get to the point where you might not be able to walk straight because of the severe pain, so save yourself that and the embarrassment which comes with it by reducing that friction.

Make sure to buy yourself so new underwear that fits you better so it doesn’t chafe your skin. If you are over using it, take a break for a few days. Using oils and other types of lubricants during use would be a good suggestion also.

Infection or Disease

When the topic of yeast infections pop up, usually it revolved more around women than men. It is true that women are more susceptible to yeast infections and thus have a higher rate of infection than men do, however that doesn’t exclude men from being at risk.

Men who are taking some type of medication or are undergoing therapies which weaken their immune systems are at a higher risk of developing dry skin and an infection as a result.

If you experience a seeping wound along with the dry skin, you should get it checked out as it may be a yeast infection. Yeast infections are gross and if they progress far enough they require medication, so make sure to do all you can to keep that skin hydrated and healthy.


This is a less common condition than the others mentioned, however millions of people suffer from this type of skin condition too. Psoriasis is a skin condition where dry red bumps appear on the skin, which are extremely itchy, irritating, and uncomfortable. These lesions on the penis appear as dry, red and smooth, which are good indicators of this disease.

There are both over the counter and prescription medications you can take for psoriasis, such as ones that contain aloe vera and other soothing or moisturizing types of medications. You want to treat this condition by reducing inflammation which sound in turn reduce the irritation and pain.

What Causes Dry Skin on Your Penis? Is It Something to Be Concerned About?

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