Can Smoking Cause Impotence? How Can It Affect Your Erection?

Erectile dysfunction is one of it’s not the most common form of sexual dysfunction that a man can face.  There are many things that can cause erectile dysfunction, including both physical and psychological factors.

One of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction that we know of is the habit of smoking cigarettes.  This isn’t too surprising as cigarette smoke is known for the hundreds of potentially carcinogenic chemicals found within them.

Smoking is well known for its damage that it does to the cardiovascular system.  Smoking contains chemicals that can damage the inner lining of your blood vessels, including ones that are found in the penis.  With that being said if you’re someone who smokes there still is hope, as reducing the frequency of your habit or preferably quitting altogether can reduce potential health effects as a result along with a good quality male enhancement supplement.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Blood Vessels?

The biggest risk that comes along with smoking cigarettes is that they contain a whole myriad of chemicals which can do damage to the body.  Specifically in regards to sexual function, smoking can severely impact your health in a negative way.

To fully understand how and why smoking does so much damage, you have to first know how the body goes about achieving the erection in the first place.

Your body is able to do so by triggering cell signaling within the body which is done via our nervous system.  The chemicals and cigarette smoke have shown to do damage to our nerves which can prevent the body from sending this necessary to signal to achieve the erection.

After your nervous system signals your cells, the next step is that your arteries begin to fill up with blood, which allows the individual to achieve an erection.

A disruption in one or both of these steps as is the case in cigarette smoking can be the reason why an individual can be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

What Does the Research Tell Us?

While the instances of erectile dysfunction tends to increase as we age, it isn’t a problem that is exclusive to the elderly or aging population.  Many young men in their thirties twenties or even late teens can suffer from this problem.

Smoking of course is a huge factor in this as if an individual smokes they’re going to greatly increase their risk of developing erectile dysfunction no matter what their age is.

With that being said the researcher has shown that this problem can be reversible if the person takes the necessary steps to eliminate this habit from their lifestyle.

While smoking is definitely a huge contributing factor to erectile dysfunction other factors such as your overall health, your age, and other habits you have are going to influence the severity of this disease.

What Methods Can You Use to Solve the Problem?

The way in which you want to approach this problem is going to greatly depend on the severity of this issue, and your health and general.

Many people first resort to prescription medications to solve their issues with erectile dysfunction, however many of these medications com with a nasty unwanted side effects, and also tend to interact with other drugs.

This means that if we’re on any other type of prescription medicationkill for any other medical problem we’re facing it can potentially interfere with how well the drug works.  Even worse case scenario is that the drugs to interfere with each other which can cause other problems in itself.

As mentioned prior the main issue here has to do with either pour sell signaling or improper blood flow to the areas in which it is needed.  This comes down to providing the body with the necessary tools it needs to do so, many of which we get from our diet.

The problem with this is that’s as many of us know, we simply aren’t getting the proper nutrition we should be from our diets.  The western died in particular is very devoid of a proper nutrition, as it tends to be very high in calories of lacking important vitamins and minerals which the body needs to function optimally.

An excellent alternative to prescription medication is to use a natural herbal based supplement, which can provide you with the same types of nutrients which you would procure from your diet but in a more convenient and concentrated form.

In addition to taking a supplement to help provide your body the proper nutrients, it is important that you minimize your habits that contribute to poor cardiovascular and in turn poor sexual health.  This means of course eliminating smoking, reducing levels of stress, and eating healthier diet to name a few.

Can Smoking Cause Impotence? How Can It Affect Your Erection?

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