Can You Eliminate Premature Ejaculation? Four Ways Proven to Work

One of the biggest problems many men face in the bedroom is that they can’t last long enough. Being a minute man isn’t something anyone wants to admit to, however it is a problem that millions of men suffer from.

Pre-mature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunction, over 1/3 of men suffering from some form of it over the course of their lives. Thankfully there are some proven methods we can use to delay the inevitable, which can satisfy our partners and make us look really good in the process.

How Can You Last Longer in Bed?

1-Tighten Pelvic Floor Muscles

The muscles that voluntarily help us control both ejaculation and urination are a group called the pelvic floor muscles. Like any other muscle group in our body, if exercised properly we can strengthen them which is going to allow us to last longer.

All you have to do to strengthen these muscles is to hold them for 10 second reps, and you can do up to 5 sets for a total of 50 reps per day. If you don’t know where these muscles are, the next time you have to go to the toilet hold you urine mid stream; those are the muscles you want to target.

2- Wrap It up!

Condoms are great when it comes to both protection from STDs and potential pregnancies. They are cheap, convenient, and easy to use. The only complaint people have when it comes to condoms usually has something to do with sensitivity, which can help you here.

If you have problems lasting long enough, using a condom can really help delay the inevitable. Some brands even have condoms specifically designed just for this purpose, so use them to your advantage.

3-Relax Before Having Sex

If you suffer from performance issues in the bedroom, you are already going to be anxious when trying to satisfy your partner. This can compound the issue, potentially making things worse.

Another simple solution that is going to help you last longer is to relax before having sex. Get all the anxiety and jitters out before hand, and you will definitely be able to last longer.

For some people, the best thing to do as far as relaxation is concerned is to just meditate, take a hot bath or to employ deep breathing techniques. For other people, a quick run, weight lifting session or other form of exercise will best help to reduce their stress levels.

Doing these types of exercises or techniques is going to help you last longer because these activities trigger the release of endorphins, making us feel good and reducing our levels of stress.

4-Natural Supplementation

A lot of what goes on as far as premature ejaculation is concerned has to do with biochemical reactions within the body. This is just like any other process that occurs within us, which in turn requires the proper tools to do so.

This is where nutrition comes in, and the best way to provide ourselves with what we need to get the job done is through diet, and supplements.

Supplements like Yohimbe extract, Maca root extract and Tongkat Ali are derived naturally, from plant material. These extracts are able to provide us with a more pure, concentrated form of these ingredients. The more concentrated the ingredients, the more you are getting of what you need to solve your problems of premature ejaculation.

These supplements work by aiding biological processes within our body as previously mentioned, such as Yohimbe extract which works to keep you harder, and for a longer period of time. The key here is to make sure that you are getting a potent supplement, which contains the proper dosage.

There are many companies out there that sell inferior products which use low quality ingredients.  Make sure you are buying from a company that has quality products to ensure that you will see noticeable results.

Can You Eliminate Premature Ejaculation? Four Ways Proven to Work

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