Can Couples Cope with Different Libidos? Tips on How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Your partner should be your best friend, someone that you enjoy being around more so than everyone else, and someone who shares many of the same likes as you do. While we would all love to go through our relationships without a hitch, there are going to be some disagreements with our partners along the way.

Things like money, whether or not you want a family, career paths and other common issues can impact a relationship; a poor sex life is more often than not a deal breaker. You may be able to compromise with your partner on different subjects, however it is difficult to do when it comes to sex.

The problem with this is that not every couple is going to be on the same page when it comes to their sex drive, and in fact more often than not you and your partner aren’t going to be on the same page. There are going to be times where you are craving more intimacy, and then there are going to be times where she is the aggressor.

The takeaway here is that while sex is an important aspect to a healthy relationship, there are other factors important to its health. The next time you are in the mood but she isn’t use of these essential tips which will help strengthen your relationship.

Try Separate Sleeping Arrangements

This may seem like a solution that could potentially put a wedge between you and your partner but hear us out. Not getting enough sleep is a common problem that almost everyone experiences to one degree or another, a problem that is exacerbated by sleeping with a partner who snores or is restless. A simple solution to this problem is to sleep separately from your partner as it will improve their sleep quality, which in theory should improve both their energy levels and sex drive.

If you decide to go this route to strengthen your relationship, make sure to have another bed setup elsewhere specifically designed for intimate nights together. Not feeling like you’re obligated to sleep next to your significant other when they’re loud and you desperately need quality sleep is going to make the situation less stressful, improving your relationship.

Spend Quality Time Together

There are times where we want sex and our partner doesn’t. It is safe to say that every man has experienced this at one point or another, and after being rejected they typically go off to spend some time alone.

What can really strengthen your relationship though is to decide to spend some quality time with her the next time she isn’t up for sex. Instead you can go out to a movie, a dinner date or do some other type of activity that will encourage bonding between the two of you. Doing so will help to get you two closer, which is an essential aspect to keep any relationship healthy.

Even if your only interest is having more sex, this approach will work for you. Being intimate with your partner in non-sexual ways is certainly going to flow into the bedroom, which means having sex more often.

Be Thoughtful and Compassionate

While we first assume that a lowered or difference in sex drive drives can be attributed to relationship problems, this is not always the case. Your partner may be dealing with some type of emotional problem which you simply don’t know about, something which can easily impact your sex life.

Remedying this situation can be done by showing your partner some extra love and attention. This can be done by giving her a phone call at lunch asking how her day is going, getting her some flowers, taking her out to dinner, or getting her some other type of gift to show that you are thinking of her.

Making a small gesture of appreciation goes a long way as well more often than not, and will be a great boost to her psyche. Making her feel appreciated should be a priority here, as this will help to open up the door to a more intimate relationship.

Spend Some Time Apart

This is another viable option to improve your relationship, and is one which can be extremely effective for your typical clingy couple. No matter how much we love our partner, sometimes we just need some time apart from them to get some space.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your partner shouldn’t live separately, but you should put some time aside for yourself. This means spending some more time in the man cave or maybe heading out to play some pool or grab a few drinks a couple nights a week.

Spending some much needed time on yourself can make all the difference as far as your attraction to your partner is concerned, and can greatly improve the quality of your relationship.

Can Couples Cope with Different Libidos? Tips on How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

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