Butea superba is known to assist with sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, reduced fatigue, low libido, weak orgasm, and may be used as an aphrodisiac.

This versatile herb is extracted from the root of a vine that hails from Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Butea superba goes by many names including Butea Gum Tree, Flamme de la Foret (Flame of the forest), Kwao Krua, and Buteae.


Butea superba has a fascinating combination of natural compounds, including phytoandrogens, phytoestrogens, flavonoids, sterol compounds including β-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol, flavonoid glycosides, and to balance the estrogen-like properties, butea superba also contains anti-estrogenic compounds.


Erectile dysfunction can be decreased with butea superba’s ability to increase blood flow. With increased blood flow, erections may be maintained for longer, remain harder, and grow in length and girth. The penis has two large spaces of spongy tissue designed to fill with 90% of the blood flow, collectively called the corpus cavernosum. For many men, the corpus cavernosum is not filled, resulting in a shorter and less thick erection. This issue can be reduced with a larger blood flow to fill these empty areas within the penis.



In addition to increased blood flow, butea superba may function as a vasodilator, increasing the width of blood vessels and allowing blood to flow easier.Guy grabbing junk on progentra blog With added benefits including decreased blood pressure and lower stress on the heart, vasodilators are beneficial to penis enlargement as blood does not have to be forced through constricted blood vessels. Oftentimes, vasoconstriction, which may be caused by vascular conditions or poor diet, is the main cause of poor erections.


An active compound that may increase testosterone in butea superba is cAMP phospodiesterase inhibitor which prevents the secondary messenger, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) from sending signals between the cells and hormones. In addition to possible increases in testosterone, inactivating cAMP may lead to the activation of androgen receptors. By activating more androgen receptors, butea superba allows your body to remove androgens, i.e. dihydrotestosterone or DHT, from blood circulation. After being plucked from the blood, DHT can enter the DNA and create changes in your body. Certain substances, when combined with butea superba, give sexual health a large boost. These include carnitine, levodopa, or L-Dopa, and caffeine.


Carnitine increases androgen receptors by filling the cellular mitochondria with lipids (fat), which is then used as energy. These mitochondrial cells produce more androgren receptors. Studies show that carnitine works excellently while resting and after exercise.


Levodopa, or L-Dopa, occurs naturally in mucuna pruriens, i.e. velvet beans. When this amino acid is present, it can lead to increased levels of dopamine. L-Dopa, a stand out in amino acids, can cross the blood-brain barrier and increase dopamine levels directly. A limitation for excitatory amino acids and glutamate is the blood-brain barrier. As many are unable to cross this vascular endothelium in the brain, they must be ingested in some other form because the endothelium’s cells act like a gatekeeper with bands of junctions rejecting some would-be beneficial substances. Sexual health benefits, including increased testosterone and sperm health, are more easily disseminated through the body due to L-Dopa’s ability to enter the brain. Without this protective mechanism to slow administration of supplements, results may be seen sooner.


fit couple in underwear about to kiss Progentra resultsRelated to improved testosterone, butea superba also increases sexual arousal, leading to more sexual encounters and overall satisfaction. As sexual encounters are tied to less stress, mood enhancement, and stronger bonds between partners, increased libido is, undeniably, an excellent sexual health benefit.


A staple in butea superba, flavonoids are a compound that contains antioxidants. Increased fertility is associated with the support of higher sperm count and mobility, by these antioxidants. In addition, flavonoids can also produce increases in blood flow which may result in harder, larger, erections that will increase satisfaction for the consumer and his partner.


Though not directly related to sexual health, butea superba may also promote hair growth. As many partners enjoy a hairy male, this could increase sexual encounters and potential relationships. Increased hair growth can enhance the look of virility and strength, whether on the scalp or body.


And finally, butea superba can shorten the refractory period. This process occurs after orgasm where the penis goes flaccid and neither erection, orgasm, or arousal are able to occur. The refractory period can last from 15 minutes up to a few days and cause frustration for both partners. By increasing testosterone, relaxing the penis, and lowering prolactin, sexual encounters can be continued sooner, boosting satisfaction of both partners.


Butea superba enhances recovery after erection by relaxing of the penis. Remaining relaxed, rather than succumbing to frustration, during the refractory period may shorten this natural process. Another methd of relaxing the penis is achieved when butea superba is combined with cGMP, a signaling molecule.


Note that the refractory period is not a deficiency of the man, but occurs in all men. This is a natural process of sexual health and the length varies from man to man. Most likely, the refractory period occurs to reduce the risk of exhaustion, or worse, due to the rigors of daisy-chained sexual encounters. A break must be had.


Many sexual performance benefits are associated with the climbing herb, butea superba.



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