The Biggest Myths About Sex Toys – Why All the Buzz About Vibrators?

Sex toys, especially vibrators and other devices used for self pleasure have traditionally been met with a lot of resistance. The thought is that these toys are only for the lonely degenerates of society, people who are already considered weird and eccentric when compared to the rest of us.

The problem with this idea is that this stereotype is far from true, and that most people who use these devices are your average people. It makes sense when you look at the numbers, as the sex toy industry alone takes tens of billions of dollars a year-they have to be getting that money from somewhere, right?

Well you’d probably be surprised to learn that almost 20% of these sales consist of vibrators, and many women who use them start to do so in their early twenties.

When you take a step back and put things in to perspective, it is clear that these devices are pretty popular among the mainstream. About 20% of all women masturbate at least once a week-so these numbers make sense and misconceptions should fly out the window.

Vibrators and Sex Toys in General Are for Everyone

Arguably the biggest misconception about sex toys is that they are for single or lonely people who have no other option. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many couples use toys including vibrators to enhance their sex lives.


The vast majority of women use sex toys whether they are in a relationship or not-and then you have to consider people who are not in a heterosexual relationship as well.

Women who date and sleep with other women obviously aren’t going to have some of the tools men have to give pleasure, making dildos and vibrators popular among these communities as well. The same can be said for men in same sex relationships.

Vibrators Should Be Used to Improve Your Sex Life-Not as an Alternative

Another common misconception when it comes to vibrators and sex toys in general is that they are only used by people who have a poor sex life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies suggest that women who use vibrators have higher levels of arousal, and more sensational sex and orgasms.

There is also the belief that using a vibrator will make you desensitized, and will make regular sex less enjoyable for them. This is also not true, as sex toy use doesn’t affect how you will enjoy sex with your partner.

As far as sex toys are concerned, all the research and data points to them being more beneficial to your sex life than detrimental. Sex toys can really help to enhance your sex life, and becoming desensitized due to toy use is not something that is realistic.

Vibrators Are Not OptionalThey Are Necessary!

If you haven’t heard of this before-it may be news to you to hear that many women have problems getting an orgasm while having vaginal sex. It is such a problem that more than half of all women reported that they do not orgasm during sex without a toy or some kind of assistance.


Just take a step back for a second and imagine having sex and not being satisfied afterwards. This is a horrible situation that we all try to avoid.

Now imagine having problems reaching your climax every time you tried to have sex-you would either avoid it altogether or use something to help get the job done. It is pretty clear why many women like to use vibrators and other toys during sex-they are absolutely essential.

Sex Toys Can Really Make or Break a Relationship

After awhile having sex with the same person can get boring, no matter how much you are devoted to or love that person. Doing the same things over and over again can get old and stale really fast, which sex toys can help with.

Another great aspect about sex toys is that most of them are gender neutral, meaning that both parties can give them a try. Gender neutral toys that can be used by everyone are just more versatile by nature, and from that you can get really creative to spice up your love life.

Sex toys can help to break up the typical monotony you see in your average long term relationship,  helping to improve your sex life and keep your partner healthy.

The Biggest Myths About Sex Toys – Why All the Buzz About Vibrators?

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