The Best Sex Tips Every Man Should Know-How to Improve Your Sex Life

No matter how good that you think you are at sex, there is always room for improvement. Many of us realize this is other aspects of our lives, so why not take the same approach to sex? Here are some simple yet proven ways in which you can impress your partner and improve your sex life.

1-Keep an Open Mind and Open Communication

One of the biggest threats to a healthy sex life is a lack of communication. Many people get stuck in a routine of having a boring sex life that consists of the same things over and over again. If you feel this way there is a good chance your partner feels the same way-and is also just afraid of voicing their opinion.

It may sound ridiculous, but improving your sex life may be as easy as being upfront with your partner, and asking them what they want out of the relationship. Open up the lines of communication to really see some improvement.

2-Exercise More Often

Exercising more often, and on a regular basis is a surefire way to improve your sex life. Exercise helps to do a lot of things, including helping to boost confidence and libido. On top of that you will be losing more weight and in better shape as well, which definitely won’t hurt you in the looks department.

Many people hate the idea of exercising because of the amount of time and effort they think that they have to devote to it. To see significant results it only requires about 30minutes of moderately intense exercise a day, which is an excellent tradeoff.

3-Take Breaks Periodically

Although many of us would like to have sex every day, taking a break from time to time can really help to improve your sex life. Waiting in anticipation for the next time to have sex is going to greatly increase your libido, and your partner’s as well.

Try taking a day or even a weekend off from time to time which will really make you and your partner crave each other.

4-Use Relaxation-Not Excitation

Men tend to get excited in order to get them in the mood for sex, working out, going for a run or doing anything physical can really get the juices flowing, and make us want to have sex.

Most women on the other hand tend to favor relaxation to get in to the mood, something that many men tend to overlook.

The next time you want to get her in the mood, try doing so through the use of relaxation techniques. Give her a nice massage, warm bubble bath, and use herbs and fragrances which can also help with relaxation.

5-Let Her Lead the Way

It is typical in many relationships that the man always takes initiative, and letting her do so for a change can help to improve your sex life as well. A lot of the issues in relationships have to do with a stale sex life, and this can be a simple way to switch things up for a change.

best sex tips

Let her do the approaching so that you are heating things up when she is actually in the mood. Allow her to choose the positions as well to really spice things up.

6-Change Locations

Another really simple way to improve your sex life is to change where you are having sex. This again has a lot to do with monotony and a change of scenery is always a good thing. You will have different experiences in different places, and it can also bring some needed excitement in to the relationship as well.

Spontaneity is huge here-try having sex outside or even rent out a hotel room for a night for a change of pace as it can do wonders for your sex life.

7-Plan it Out

Just like spontaneity can work in your favor, so can planning out the act as well. Make it part of a long weekend or other type of vacation that you can look forward to. This may not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, but it is absolutely necessary for some people.

Many couples, especially those who have children, have a hard time finding free time to even go out to have a nice dinner and some alone time. Neglecting this over a long period of time can really strain a relationship, and having a family doesn’t mean that your sex life is over.

Make sure to take the time out to do so, even if that means planning it out in advance. You will being doing your relationship a service in the long run.

The Best Sex Tips Every Man Should Know-How to Improve Your Sex Life

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