What Are the Best Aphrodisiacs out There?-The Answer May Surprise You

Aphrodisiacs have been used by people throughout our histories to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. You can look at any culture of any group of people over the course of this planet’s history, and they have their own variety of aphrodisiac. Many of these ingredients used are just the result of old wives’ tales and have no real medicinal benefits.

With that being said many of these ingredients used in various forms of traditional medicine do in fact provide us with benefits. Before you choose a supplement to help make you more attractive to your partner, make sure it contains ingredients that are actually effective and work to your benefit.

There are many imposters out there, and many of these brands simply do not work. Do the research beforehand to save you the time and headache down the line.

What Are the Most Commonly Marketed Aphrodisiacs?


1-Plant and Animal Based Natural Herbal Remedies

Many  different ingredients and compounds fall in to this category, and naturally because of this some are going to be more effective than others. L-arginine, ginkgo, maca root, and combinations of various herbal blends have been traditionally used in Ancient Chinese Medicine-and are still used to this day.

While there is no scientific evidence that the powder from a Rhino horn or powder from an elephant tusk can make you more attractive and increase your libido, the same thing can’t be said for the plant varieties.

Many of these herbal extracts taken from plants actually do cause changes in the body which can help to not only make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but can also help improve other aspects of your sex life.

Particular herbs and compounds such as L-arginine and ones found in Maca root and ginkgo can help to improve our sex life. The compounds found in these extracts are highly involved in the process of cell signaling and vasodilation of our blood vessels. These are not only important in our attractiveness, but these herbs provide us with the ingredients we need to get the job done as well.

2-Nitroglycerin Pastes and Other Homemade Remedies

With the popularity of the internet and platforms like youtube and twitch.tv, many people like to experiment doing things themselves, which can end up in disaster if you don’t know what you are doing. One of the more popular homemade remedies is to apply nitroglycerin or other types of pastes to the penis before sex, because of its properties of vasodilation.

While you may think you are saving money here by going the unconventional route, you can potentially cause yourself and your partner injury and pain in doing so. Many people think that they can increase their penis size by rubbing a cream on themselves which is absorbed through the skin.

What Are the Best Aphrodisiacs out There?-The Answer May Surprise You

This may help to improve penis size and help you to get an erection, but that stuff is going to circulate through your body as well. This means vasodilation in other areas of the body as well such as in the brain, which is a common cause of headaches. Giving yourself a headache because you are trying to get in the mood usually doesn’t end well, so do yourself a favor by not experimenting with homemade remedies.

3-Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol, drugs and sex have always been linked together. A fun night out on the town usually involves a few drinks, maybe some drugs depending on the individual, which inevitably leads to sex.

Many people use drugs like alcohol to get them in the mood or help them to get going, but they are unaware that many of these drugs they’re taking to do so can have the opposite effect.

The most common one here is alcohol. Alcohol is great when it comes to calming the nerves, but overdoing it can cause an inability to perform as well. Alcohol calms our nerves because it is a depressant, it literally depresses our nervous system.

Too much alcohol can disrupt other actions of the nervous system as well, such as what is required to gain an erection. The erection is all about blood flow as many of us know, however this blood flow is determined by our nervous system.

The point is, don’t overdo it when it comes to alcohol or any other drugs if you want to be able to perform. Depressants make it harder to get erect, while stimulants may make you ejaculate prematurely. Use these substances with discretion.

What Are the Best Aphrodisiacs out There?-The Answer May Surprise You

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