How Bad Can Sex Related Injuries Be? How Common Are They?

One of the worse case scenarios a man can envision during sex is injuring himself. Most men have experienced some type of bruising or even cuts during sex, but these injuries are much more common and take care of themselves on their own.

In some cases however, the injury can be so bad that it results in a fractured penis – which may even require surgery. While there is no bone in the penis, the connective tissue itself can rupture which can mean a trip to the emergency room in order for it to be properly repaired.

Not only is it extremely embarrassing to visit the hospital for an injury you had during sex or even worse masturbation, but it can be extremely painful as well. These injuries are more common than you probably think, and one day you may even have the unfortunate experience of suffering from one of them yourself.

What Are the Worst Ways That You Can Injure Yourself During Sex?

1-Pulling Your Groin

Many men, especially as they age make the mistake of underestimating how much effort they actually put in to sex. We take the time to stretch before any other type of exercise(or at least we should be) to avoid injury, and it is a good idea to approach sex in the same manner.

Another suggestion is to switch things up in the bedroom from time to time as well. We all have our favorite positions, many people preferring doggy style. This position can actually do damage to a man’s groin over time from the impact, so try different positions.

2-Prolonged Erection

A common side effect noted on many prescription erectile dysfunction medications is the potential for a prolonged erection. Depending on the medication the length of time you will maintain an erection can vary, and is one major reason why many people aren’t fans of these medications.

Aside from that however, other drugs you are taking for unrelated issues can also cause a prolonged erection also. These include some common ones like those prescribed for depression and anxiety as well-which can potentially affect a large segment of the population.

Having an erection for an entire day is not only a problem in that you are going to get funny looks all day if you try going out in public, but also because it can do permanent damage to the tissue. If you are experiencing prolonged erections, talk to your doctor about switching your medications which can help the problem.

3-Breaking Your Penis

As mentioned earlier, there is no bone in your penis, however you can still “break” it. Breaking it involves tearing the outer layer that surrounds the chambers of the penis, which causes it to essentially break.

This means that when you try to get an erection the penis cannot stand up straight, leaving it bent over in one direction or the other. This is extremely painful and can even require surgery in some cases in order for the individual to regain full function of the penis.

Obviously we want to avoid this, and the best way to do so is to talk to your partner. This is because the most common way to injure yourself in this manner is when your partner is on top of you. In this position your penis can more easily be broken by your partner’s pelvis, so try to take it easy in this position.

4-Stuck Toys and Other Equipment

If you are friendly with any emergency room doctors or nurses, you’ve probably asked them about their most memorable experiences on the job at one point or another. Inevitably a story about how someone stuck a toy up their anus or got it stuck on their junk comes up, something out of this world usually of the home made variety.

With that being said these injuries are much more common than one would think, however they don’t usually make for as good of a story. Someone getting a cock ring stuck isn’t as interesting, yet it can still be a serious problem.

If this happens to you, first try to get the ring off with a pair of scissors and some lube to save yourself the embarrassment of having to go to the emergency room. If you can’t get it off for whatever reason make sure you do go to the emergency room as it can do permanent damage if not taken care of immediately.

5-Twisted Testicles

Twisting a testicle is another common problem many men have faced, and it understandably really freaks you out the first time. Twisting your testicles is unavoidable in many cases and can be resolved by “untwisting” them, sometimes as simply as pushing them back in to place.

This issue can be extremely painful as well, as when the testicles get twisted which activates the nerves within them, causing a cutoff of blood flow as well. This is usually due to them swinging around too loosely, so try wearing more tightly fitting clothing when exercising and playing sports to reduce twisting them.

How Bad Can Sex Related Injuries Be? How Common Are They?

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