7 Ways in Which Sex Can Benefit Your Health – What the Science Says

Everyone knows sex feels great, but it can also do wonders for our health. This is something that has been long believed, and now we have the science to back it up. You can greatly benefit from having regular sex in many ways, and here is why you should be doing so:

1-Prevents Cardiovascular Problems

One of the biggest risks to our health is the potential cause for a heart attack or heart disease, which kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. Many people don’t realize this and, having regular sex can help you prevent this from occurring.

This is because both the function of the heart and sex are heavily dependent on blood flow. If you are someone who has sex regularly and can easily get an maintain an erection, it is a sign of good cardiovascular health.

Conversely if you are someone who experiences erectile dysfunction, it may be a sign of other more severe health problems like heart disease, which is a huge health risk.

2-You Will Be More Attractive to Others

Another benefit to having regular sex is that it triggers the release of certain chemicals from our body, known as pheromones. We have evolved to use these chemicals to attract and find others attractive based on what they emit so to speak.

The more sex you have, the more chemicals you release and the more attractive you become.

3-Improves Immune System Function

Science has shown that people who have regular sex have stronger immune systems, and thus get sick less frequently than those that don’t. This is because having sex has shown to produce more of disease fighting antibodies, one of the many ways in which the body protects itself from disease.

This particular antibody helps improve the immune function of our mucous membranes, meaning it helps to fight off bacteria, viruses, and virtually every type of invading disease.

4-Increases Libido and Sperm Count

Having regular sex can help to improve your libido as well, mainly because of the benefits sex brings to the body as a whole. Improved blood flow, elasticity and increased energy levels can all come as the result of regular sex, making your body crave more.

For men, having regular sex can improve your sperm count as well. Reduced sperm counts have been an area of concern as of late, especially for men in the west. There are many theories as to why the sperm count of these men have been dropping, however what we do know is that having more frequent sex can help improve those levels.

5-Sex Is a Good Form of Exercise

No one is going to tell you with a straight face that you can replace you cardio or weight training program with sex, that is just ridiculous. Having sex is only going to burn a limited amount of calories, and weight loss isn’t where it is beneficial.

With that being said, sex can be a good form of exercise because of how sex literally gets your blood flowing. Getting the blood flowing, keeping an elevated heart rate and getting some muscles working can help maximize these benefits.

6-Lowers Risk of Incontinence

Speaking of muscles worked during exercise, one of the muscle groups that gets worked the most during sex are the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles not only help to control orgasms, but are also involved in bladder control and urination as well.

As we age these muscles atrophy over time, and aren’t able to do their job as well. Having regular sex can help prevent the problem of incontinence, another benefit among many.

7-Reduces Chance of Developing Prostate Cancer

One of the many concerns men have as they age is the health of their prostate, and how that can affect their sex life as well. Having regular sex can reduce your risk of getting prostate cancer simply because of how our prostate gland works.

Along with the testicles, the prostate gland excretes ejaculatory fluid. Believe it or not but this fluid can essentially cause a backup in the prostate gland which can cause problems including cancer.

Having regular sex can help get rid of this fluid and can also reduce your risk of developing cancer.

7 Ways in Which Sex Can Benefit Your Health – What the Science Says

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