7 Valentine’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Impress Her

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is always a difficult task, one that inevitably ends up with most men heading to the florist to pick up some flowers. Not only is one of the most cliché gifts you can possibly get her, she probably doesn’t even want them. To make things worse plenty of women are allergic to certain varieties of flowers, making the issue even worse.

This year you should take the extra time to do a little research on better gift alternatives, which will save you a major headache in the long run. Here are some of the best gifts you can pick up for her on Valentine’s Day that will go over much better than a bouquet of flowers.

1. Wine Tasting Tour

couple on a wine tasting tour date on valentine's dayBuying just a bottle of wine demonstrates that you haven’t out too much thought in to the gift, and probably just picked it up on the way. On the other hand you can give her the gift of wine tasting, which is an experience that you both won’t forget this year. If you are worried about your budget, there are plenty of other places across the country which offer wine tours outside of Nappa valley.

2. Chevron Faux Leather Phone Case

This is a nifty idea for a gift, and one that comes with a reasonable $35 price tag. This is something that a guy probably wouldn’t think of buying on their own for their lady as most men keep their credit cards and cash in their wallet for easy access.

If you’re a woman however, you are very familiar with having to dig through you bag in search of your wallet which is inconvenient at best. This gift allows the user to keep a few credit cards handy, essentially turning the phone into a wallet.

3. Hanging Air Plant

Hanging air plants are one of the newest trends in home decor as they provide nice background greenery with minimal maintenance needed. They don’t need soil either like most other plants, further reducing necessary maintenance.

These plants are great decorations you can add to the home, most even come with a candle holder or diffuser to produce fragrance, making this a great all around gift for her to enjoy.

4. Aromatherapy

Speaking of candles, it is worth noting that many brands out there produce chemicals similar to the ones we see from cigarette smoke. This has understandably led people and the market to look for alternative options when it comes to fragrance.

Essential oil diffusers are a great alternative to candles, as they also produce beautiful fragrances without the harsh chemicals. These products work by diffusing a drop of these oils in a large basin of water, allowing for pleasant yet gentle fragrances that she will love.

5. Pandora Rose Ring

valentine's day gift, ring and rosesIf she is someone that loves to show off her gifts, then jewelry is your best bet. The rose gold ring from Pandora is an excellent choice here as it doesn’t break the bank at $75, and also suits the holiday being rose gold. This is an easy choice that is guaranteed to go over well with her.

6. Energy Crystal

Energy crystals are very trendy as of late, as many of them claim to naturally give off energies which are used to heal the body. Whether or not this is true is certainly up for debate, however we can’t argue with the fact that these energy stones are now extremely popular gifts.

An energy crystal is a great gift to get her if you’re not exactly sure what she wants, as they can be worn as jewelry or displayed in the home for their energy dispersing benefits.

7. S’well Pink Diamond Water Bottle

This rose colored water bottle is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical. It is the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go as it keeps drinks extremely cold for long periods of time. It has the additional benefit of being well insulated, as the material does not sweat.

This means that it can be carried in a bag, in a backpack, suitcase or in any other manner as the outside won’t condense getting water all over your bag. This product may be a little bit more expensive than your average water bottle at $42, but it is well worth it.

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Impress Her

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