The 7 Tips You Need to Know About Being a Better Kisser

There has always been debate among men about kissing. Kissing is a part of every relationship, but how does our ability impact our sex life?  A study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology surveyed over 1,000 people and found that the majority of both men and women will end a relationship  if their partner is a bad kisser.

The same study found that about 80% of all women wouldn’t have sex with a partner without first kissing them, so if you’re not good at it already you may want to up your game. Here are the most effective ways that you can make a better impression the next time you’re both in the mood.

1 – Follow the Leader

If you aren’t confident in your game and don’t really know what you’re doing, the best way to learn is by imitation. You and your partner aren’t always going to be on the same page and may even prefer different kissing techniques, so try letting them lead the way the next time around.

2 – Lips Shouldn’t Be Your Only Concern

Making out isn’t all about kissing on the lips-the lower neck and earlobes are really sensitive areas as well. Don’t forget this important tip as turning your partner on is going to involve much more than lip contact.

3 – Not an Impediment to Sex

If you didn’t already know prior to reading this article that most women prefer kissing as a precursor to sex, you now do. This point may give you the impression that kissing is a necessary first step if your goal is having sex, but you shouldn’t look at it that way.

Kissing and other foreplay in themselves can be very satisfying and pleasurable. If you’re just viewing it as a barrier to having sex, you are going to miss out on the fun, and probably will underperform because your focus isn’t there.

4 – Don’t Be Afraid to Initiate

Someone has to be the first person to initiate, and even if you’re in a long term relationship it may be awkward to do so. If you’re in a newer relationship you aren’t going to know the person as well, and probably don’t know their tendencies.

No one wants to be rejected but someone has to take the first step, so don’t be afraid to be the initiator especially if you’re a guy. Learn how to pick up on the proper warning signs and you’ll know when you should go in or back off.

5 – Kiss More Often

If you are someone who isn’t confident in their kissing game or is just always looking to improve, the best way to do so is through practice. You should look at kissing like any other activity you want to get better at, and to do so is through more repetition.

It may sound gross, but swapping saliva with your partner more often has even shown to provide health benefits like improved immunity, reduced stress, and better blood pressure.

6 – Live in the Moment

Instead of trying to game plan your technique beforehand going in like a robot, you may be better off just living in the moment. A passionate kiss is about being focused more so on the moment than nailing the proper technique, so try to keep your mind clear and focused on nothing else.

hot couple kiss

The same idea can be applied in other areas as well, if your mind is wandering or is elsewhere you aren’t going to be as good as you could be.

7 – Be Honest

If the kiss isn’t going well for whatever reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to say something. Whether it be bad breath, sloppy or bad kiss on your part or theirs, make the proper adjustment and try again.

Try to always keep in mind that like anything else this is going to be a learning experience for you, and there is going to be some trial and error involved in doing so.

Some people are going to be in to having more lippy kisses, some like French kisses, and so on. Everyone has their own preferred technique and is something you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about talking about with your partner.

The 7 Tips You Need to Know About Being a Better Kisser

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