5 Ways to Keep Your Balls Clean, Fresh, and Healthy

When it comes to your sexual health, good hygiene is of the utmost importance. Most people can get away with neglecting to clean other parts of their bodies for days on end without any health repercussions, however the testicles are different. This area of the body is essentially its own biome, as it houses a variety of bacteria, fungus and other microscopic invaders which can do us harm.

The problem of not taking care of your balls isn’t just about showering regularly and using soap either, as many of these microscopic invaders will still hang around after. Keeping your testicles in the best health is going to require that you give them some extra attention in other respects as well.

Some minor changes in your wardrobe, hygiene and general habits will help to keep your testicles in the best possible shape, while allowing you to maintain a healthy sex life.

Absorbent Powder

Whether it be bacteria, fungus or other types growth on your skin, virtually every one of these organisms needs water to survive. This means that you should look to using some type of absorbent powder on your balls, preferably at the start of your day. This will keep the area nice and dry, while reducing the growth of these organisms.

Some powders even have anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties to the product itself, making them the preferred choice here. Keeping around some extra talcum powder on the job site would be helpful for men who are in the trades, or those who do some type of physical labor.

Wipe Down Sweat

Being sweaty is something we want to avoid for similar reasons why we want to be using absorbent powder: a moist environment is something we want to avoid when it comes to the health of our testicles.

Sitting in sweaty clothes after a workout or during work is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. These organisms proliferate in sweaty underwear or gym shorts, and can easily spread to other areas as well. Not changing out of sweaty clothing is a great way to encourage irritation, rashes, and further infection.

Choose the Right Underwear

Not only is choosing the right type of underwear important here, but so is choosing the right material. Most people would think that synthetic underwear should be something to avoid, as clothing made from these types of materials seem to promote sweat. In actuality cotton underwear might be the worst, as it is not as good at ventilating as we assume it is.

The best type of underwear to wear in order to keep your balls fresh and cool are going to be some type of microfiber, or some type of mesh shorts. These materials are smaller in diameter than your typical fiber thread, which allows for more breathability.

Typically the best type of underwear as far as breathability is concerned, are boxer shorts. Boxer shorts typically are loosely fitting, allowing for the greatest circulation of air around your testicles. Boxer-briefs or traditional underwear is going to reduce the flow of air in that region, which can promote the growth of these microbes.

Avoid Abrasives

Exfoliating products can be great to use on your hands, feet, and even face as they help to remove unwanted dead layers of outer skin. These areas of the body tend to have thicker skin than others, such as in the case of the testicles.

Using these types of products on your testicles can cause irritation, chaffing, and can generally damage the skin. Instead you should use some type of moisturizing soap which is going to be a lot easier on the skin, and will even help to repair it. Dermogenix is a product that can do absolute wonders when it comes to keeping the skin hydrated, and keeping it protected from microbial invasion.

Do Some Manscaping

Regularly trimming your pubic hair is going to help here as well, as by doing so you’re going to reduce potential bacterial growth and of course odor. Shaving yourself bald here isn’t a good idea either, no matter how much it may make your penis look bigger.
Keeping some hair down there is going to reduce the chance of you developing ingrown hairs, which can lead to irritation, itching, and infection. Doing so is also going to provide a nice buffer between your skin and your underwear which can help to reduce further chaffing.

Why is Male Hygiene Important?

Taking a few extra minutes each day to make sure your junk is clean may seem like a waste of time to many guys, but in doing so it can save you some trouble down the road. Not keeping yourself clean downstairs is going to make you more prone to catching diseases, whether they be self-inflicted or not.

Making sure that you’re clean is going to go a long way in helping you to avoid potential infection, which can help you avoid serious infections down the line. Believe it or not they may even lead to problems revolving around infertility depending on how bad an infection is, so again make sure to take care of your boys.

5 Ways to Keep Your Balls Clean, Fresh, and Healthy

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