Women say that sex should be spontaneous, but as men, we know that sex is rarely spontaneous. More often than not, we’ve been ready for days and weeks, even before it actually happened.

As men, we understand that there’s a lot that your head goes through before you actually take off your clothes. Whether you’ve been dating for weeks, or if you just met at the bar,  you know that you had sex all planned out in your brain way before she actually thought you were cute enough to see her naked.

Preparing for sex isn’t exactly the most masculine thing to do, but preparation is a must if you do not want for your night to end in a flop. Anticipation isn’t the same as preparation, and more often than not, men are caught unprepared, which makes their night unimpressive, or worse, humiliating.

To make sure that you are ready for sex anytime,

Here are 5 things you should never forget about sex:


We simply cannot stress this enough. You know what it does, and you really do not need to know the numbers by which you are protected by this latex wonder. Protection is a must for any gentleman. Having condoms in your pocket at all times makes you prepared should the opportunity present itself. Women expect men to bring one at all times, but some ladies now come prepared in case they stumble upon a guy who isn’t. Protection is a must whether you’re casual, dating, or just a one night stand. Protection isn’t a symbol of your respect for your partner; the protection is for YOURSELF. You know what happens if you aren’t protected, right? Yes, condoms may dull your sensation, but the risks outweigh the benefits on every turn on this matter.


A lot of men seem to forget how important hygiene is to sex. No woman would want to have sex with a guy that smells down there, or anywhere in particular. Hygiene is one of the most important things you have to do when you have a chance of closing it. You don’t know when opportunity presents itself, so it’s just best to be prepared and just smell great all day. Take a shower, wear clean clothes and underwear. Brush your teeth and floss. These things may be one of the most basic things taught to us when we were younger, but you don’t really think it mattered until you come across a broad who smells like old fish in the market, if you know what I mean. If you expect her to be fresh, then you should be, too.


You just can’t jump in and put it in. It’s like warming up before you run a marathon. Sex is a complex combination of physical, mental, and sexual aspects, and you need just the right mix to make it special. Foreplay is a must if you’re looking for mutual sexual satisfaction. With the right moves, you can even have your partner orgasm before even having to use your penis. However, foreplay is extremely exhausting for your sexual control. To make sure that you have the libido to last through the night (more on that later). The last thing you want to be is that guy who blew his load even before you got the chance to put it in.


Sure, alcohol makes people loosen up their inhibitions, but too much liquor on your body makes you lose your control over your ability to have sex. Unlike what others might make you think, drunk sex is close to impossible. For one, it would be near-impossible to sustain an erection, and by chance if you get one, it would be difficult to control your orgasm long enough for your partner to enjoy sex. If you’re planning to drink alcohol, do it in moderation, and just enough so you can still enjoy each other’s company.

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5 Things You Should Never Forget Before Sex

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