5 Signs Your Relationship Is In A Rut

No one ever goes in to a relationship with the intention of it going up in flames, however it ends up being that way in many cases. It is also worth noting that every worthwhile relationship has its ups and downs, however one should know when it is time to end a relationship.

This is easier said than done as most of us know at least one person or two that are stuck in a relationship where they are unhappy, one that they know is going nowhere. Convincing yourself that everything is going well in the relationship is pretty easy to do as well, making it even more difficult to determine when exactly you should end the relationship.

Knowing is half the battle, and there are some red flags that everyone should be looking out for as far as their relationship is concerned. Here are the 5 signs that your relationship is going downhill fast.

Keeping Score

Competitions can be fun, however your relationship itself shouldn’t fall into this category. Keeping track of exactly who said what, and who contributed what not only can become exhausting, it is eventually going to breed resentment.

Believe it or not there are men out there who keep entire spreadsheets about the times they’ve been denied sex, arguments, chores done, etc. to the point where they absolutely lose their minds. We all are guilty of keeping mental notes here and there of what our partners do for us but if it is getting to the point where it is becoming a side project of yours, it may be time to reevaluate the situation.

Always Fighting

This may seem obvious from the outside looking in but living it first-hand can be a completely different story. Having an occasional fight with your partner from time to time is something that everyone should expect, as not everyone is going to see eye to eye on every topic.

With that being said it can be easy to fall into a routine of constant bickering and arguing with your partner to the point where it becomes normal. The key in determining whether or not this problem is a deal breaker is the intensity of the arguments. If they are escalating to the point where someone is screaming at the top of their lungs or to where things may get physical, it may be time to take a break from the relationship.

Avoidance Of Serious Issues

If talking about topics such as your career, future family plans, or other serious topics of discussion are out of the question when your partner is involved, it is a serious problem. If you’re always reluctant to tell your partner how you’re feeling out of fear of some kind of backlash or potential argument, this is not a normal situation.

Not too many people like to be confrontational, especially when it comes to their partner, however in some cases the need exists. More often than not it is better to express your feelings openly with your partner rather than having them build up due to you not wanting to hurt their feelings. This can lead to even greater relationship problems down the line, and is something that needs to be addressed immediately.

Impossible to Please

If you are always feeling like you are failing at pleasing your partner even when you go out of your way to do so, the problem may not be with you, but with your partner. Making someone feel like they can never get anything done right no matter what is going to be psychologically damaging to the person no matter how mentally strong they are. Inevitably this person will break down at one point or another, and the relationship itself is doomed.

Something to always keep in mind here is that your partner is supposed to be someone you feel safe with, someone that is always trying to build you up. If they are doing nothing but taking jabs at you in an effort to break you down, you are in an emotionally abusive relationship that you are best off leaving.

Selfish in Bed

Being selfish in bed isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world as far as a relationship is concerned, however it is a larger indicator that your partner is just more into themselves than they are into you. Only worrying about their own sexual satisfaction can be an indication that they are narcissistic or have another type of serious personality flaw that will negatively impact your life.

These types of people will do everything in their power so that their needs are fulfilled with little consideration if any at all for other people. An good indication that someone is a narcissist is that they are consumed with themselves, and aren’t too concerned about the feelings or well being of others.

These are the partners you should be the most wary of, as they most certainly are manipulating you to fulfill some type of ulterior motive. These people are incapable of empathy, and having a healthy relationship with a narcissist is virtually impossible.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is In A Rut

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