Have you ever believed in something to be absolutely true but ended up discovering that you were fooled all along? Sex myths have plagued men since forever, and knowing which is fact and fiction is now easier, thanks to the power of science. Sex is a complex subject to master, but with the right knowledge, you can take sex to new heights.

Progentra is a brand-new male enhancement pill that has been breaking records left and right, and records aren’t the only thing that Progentra is breaking. A lot of the things we thought were true are now busted by the science brought to us by Progentra. Here are some of the sex myths that Progentra busted:

1. Penis enlargement is not possible

Not too long ago, people thought that penis enlargement is not possible. There are numerous credible websites which state that penis enlargement pills are nothing but scams and fakes. While this was actually accurate before Progentra’s release, it has been disproven with the science brought by Progentra. Penis enlargement is now possible thanks to Progentra’s synergistic formula. The concept is to improve blood flow to the penis consistently in order to increase penis size gradually. Progentra now has proven results for penis enlargement, and that’s all thanks to the unique formula crafted by Progentra.

2. Men can only orgasm once

A lot of you can attest that this is already a myth, but when was the last time that you have actually made more than one orgasm during sex? Younger men have no problems getting one up to three orgasms a night, but as men get older, it makes it even more difficult to muster the libido to conjure up another orgasm. This is due to the refractory period, or the rest period in-between orgasms wherein men feel sexually disengaged. As men get older, the refractory period gets longer. Progentra contains ingredients that actually make the refractory period shorter by inhibiting the neurotransmitters that prolong the refractory period.

3. Older men cannot get it up without drugs

It seems that older men depend a lot on erectile dysfunction drugs these days. While it’s a fact that older men experience more difficulty obtaining and sustaining an erection, erectile drugs are there to help them out. Progentra eliminates the need for erectile dysfunction drugs by providing a natural solution to curb erectile dysfunction. Progentra contains pro-erectile ingredients that prevent erectile dysfunction. Progentra is not an erectile dysfunction drug, and you should not treat it like one. Progentra is a dietary supplement that helps improve your sexual health and helps you eliminate the factors that prevent you from obtaining a healthy erection.

4. Sex is better when you’re young

Older men would have you believe that sex while you’re young is the best sex you’ll ever experience in your life. This is mostly because of the sexual difficulties that older men experience as they get older. While this is part true, because older men experience a sharp decline in testosterone which prevents them from experiencing heightened libido, massive erections, and satisfying orgasms; older men can still have their youthful vigor even at an older age. Progentra has ingredients that can rapidly increase testosterone levels, which would help older men experience better sex. Factor your age and sexual experience with your youthful vigor and you have the perfect combination for having the best sex of your life.

5. Size isn’t everything

Women would have you believe that it’s not the size of your penis, but how you use it in the bedroom. This is, we believe, is a very respectful way of saying ‘your penis is small, and I hope you overcompensate for that and do everything to please me’. At some point, it may be a consolation to many that they can still sexually please women even if they have a small penis, but the fact remains that penis size remains a major factor in women’s sexual satisfaction. Women just love the thought of being filled with a huge member that women openly fantasize about big penises. It’s out there. The size of dildos and rabbit vibrators should give you an obvious clue about women’s preferred penis size, and that preference is more reasonable than you would think it would be.

Progentra is a revolutionary product that changes the way we think about sex. Just imagine how hopeless men were before having something like Progentra that gives men hope for having a better sex life. With a daily supplementation of Progentra, you can be the man you’ve always wanted to be! See what you’ve been missing out all along! Try Progentra today and experience sex like you’ve never had. Order Progentra and take advantage of our limited 90-day money-back guarantee on all purchases made on our website!

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5 Myths About Sex BUSTED by Progentra

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