5 Changes to Your Sexual Performance to Expect as You Get Older

The processes involved as far as sex is concerned are wide-ranging and can be extremely complicated. This is why there are not only so many complains about sexual performance but why one man’s sexual problems can differ vastly than another.

While determining the exact cause of your sexual problem can be difficult to diagnose on your own, when you have a serious problem, you’ll definitely be aware of it. This can be a problem as minimal as a slight decrease in sex drive, to something more serious such as erectile dysfunction. In some cases men might even have a combination of these problems, something that increases in chance as we age.

What you want to keep in mind here is that while some changes to you sexual health are inevitable as you age, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop having sex altogether, or even slow down as much as you think you need to. Gaining the knowledge of knowing what is down the road and preparing for it is going to greatly improve your sex life as you age. Here are the most common changes to your sexual performance that you may experience as you age.

1. Delayed Erection

This is a problem that many men think they don’t have to even think about until they start approaching middle age, however it is one that can affect men as early as their teenage years. In many cases this problem progresses so slowly that it is almost undetectable by the man until all of a sudden they notice they’re not getting the same stimulation as they once were.

Delayed erections are believed to be caused by two major issues, decreased testosterone production as we age, and decreased sensitivity. Testosterone production naturally declines as we age, meaning that just the sight of an attractive person might not be enough to make us perk up like we used to. More stimulation is usually required, which can delay erections.

A second problem here that may or may not come with age is potential damage to the nerves in the penis, which can also decrease sensitivity and delay erections. This can be caused by having sex that is too rough, death grip, and other problems which can damage these nerve endings.

2. Soft Erections

Not being able to come to full attention is another problem many men experience as they age. Believe it or not this is a mild form of erectile dysfunction, where the blood flow to the penis isn’t as good as it should be.

This can be due to a variety of reasons including a buildup of plaque on the walls of these blood vessels which reduces the flow of blood to the area, or there may be damage to the blood vessels themselves. Our dietary habits have a tremendous influence on this as a diet high in saturated fats and triglycerides are going to clog the blood vessels. Alternatively diabetes can do damage to the blood vessels causing similar problems for a completely different reason.

3. Increased Refractory Period

The refractory period is a term used to describe the period of rest that the body needs in between stimulation. As we age this period becomes greater and greater, reducing the frequency in which we can have sex.

As we age, the nervous system takes a longer time to recover from stimulation, allowing it to become stimulated again. This is what is happening after you achieve orgasm during sex, and why it takes you longer to regain an erection after you do so. Once we really start progressing in age this period can even last a week in some cases, if you’re still able to have sex at about the age of 85.

4. Decrease in Ejaculate

Not only is it common for men to experience a decrease in ejaculate volume as they age, more often than not they will notice a decrease in the velocity of their ejaculate as well. This has to do with a reduction in the amount of semen and ejaculate that the sex organs are producing, as their performance degrades as we age also.

Another issue here is that many men experience less intense orgasms as they age as well, which understandably can decrease their desire to have sex in the first place.

5. Delayed Orgasm

If you are someone who has had a problem with premature ejaculation throughout their life, then the idea that your orgasm will become more delayed as you age many not seem like such a bad one. This is one potential benefit that comes along with aging as far as the impact on our sex life is concerned. Worrying about reaching your climax early is something that becomes less and less of a problem as you age.

Can I do Anything to Slow My Decline?

Age is a natural part of life, but aging doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on life’s enjoyments. Your sexual performance will decline in almost all respects as you age, however there are some things you can do to slow down the process.
Getting enough sleep, reducing your stress, exercising and of course the right nutrition are going to be paramount as far as your success is concerned. Consistently sticking to a healthy diet is going to help you get there, however many men need additional help along the way.

Natural male enhancement supplements are some of the most popular choices among men to improve their sex life, especially as we age. This is because natural male enhancement products like Progentra are both extremely effective, and are safe to use unlike many other alternatives in the market. Progentra can help you get back in the game fast, and help improve your sexual performance wherever you are lacking.

5 Changes to Your Sexual Performance to Expect as You Get Older

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