4 Common Sex Issues That Every Relationship Goes Through

Your sex life will inevitably stale at one point or another during your relationship. Pregnancy, major traumas and other life changing events are going to have a major impact on your sex life. Luckily, the majority of the time these problems are just temporary ones which just go away with time, however other ones crop up which require more attention.
Every relationship is going to experience their difficulties from time to time. The difference between a successful relationship and one that fails depends on the couple’s ability to overcome their differences. Here are the most common problems couples face, and how you can get passed them.

1. Lack of Emotional Connection

Having sex is largely physical, as it revolves around the sensations we experience as we become intimate. This is especially true for many men out there, as the experience is mainly about sexual pleasure, in reaching orgasm.

While sex is extremely physical, no one can deny the emotional aspects involved as well. This experience should result in a strong connection among both parties, which is going to require more than physical stimulation in most cases.
Staying on the same page emotionally as your partner can seem difficult, however there are some simple things a man can do to make their lady feel wanted. Simple eye contact during sex, mentioning their name, or referencing something else personal specific to them can help your cause.

2. Your Partner Hates Oral Sex

Penetrative sex isn’t the only type of sex that should be going on within a healthy relationship. Both giving and receiving oral sex should be a part of you sex life as well, which can be difficult if your partner isn’t up to the task.
If you are trying to make the case for oral sex to your reluctant partner, you are going to have to ease them into things. Include more foreplay during sex, introduce flavored condoms and other toys too if necessary. Experimentation is key here, and turn-ons are going to differ from person to person. Adding some variety to the mix may not only help her be more open to oral sex, but may make your own experience more enjoyable as well.

3. Too Exhausted to Have Sex

There are going to be times where either you or your partner are going to be too tired to have sex. A long day at work or a long night out with friends will drain your energy, and chances are that you won’t want to have sex when you get home. This is completely normal, however a problem arises when or partner or the other is frequently exhausted, and in turn regularly turning down sex.

It may not be something that you want to talk to your partner about, but the best course of action here would be to do just that. Be open with your partner as far as how often you expect to have sex say in the span of a week, and see what they’re preferences are. You can then make a compromise based on these preferences which should adequately satisfy you both.

If you really want to save your relationship, you can go to the extra length of depriving yourself of other pleasures to help the cause. For example if you feel like you’re not for sex tonight but your partner is, maybe you should hold off on that glass of wine or bottle of beer. This will give you more of an incentive to find the time and energy you need to have sex on a regular basis.

4. Difference in Libido

If you always want to have sex, but your partner doesn’t, it can obviously present a problem. This issue is one that seems unsurpassable, but it doesn’t have to be a relationship breaker if you take the time and effort needed to fix the problem.

An easy fix here is to just go with the flow your partner is in the mood when you are just not feeling it. Initially you’re not going to be in to having sex especially if you’re exhausted, however with a little foreplay it can turn you right on, and get you ready to go.

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4 Common Sex Issues That Every Relationship Goes Through

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